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If there’s anything that stops a lawn from looking healthy, it’s weed. Let Weed Busters take care of your lawn to treat the unwanted plants that compromise the look of your front and backyards. We will take a look at your lawn and devise a customized plan that will ensure your lawn to be weed free. Our products are safe, environmentally sound and legal to use in Canada.

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Weed Control

Our results are guaranteed. We treat post-emergent Broadleaf Weeds like Canada Thistle, Dandelion, Clover and more. We also treat post-emergent Grassy Weeds such as CrabGrass.


We will assess the current health condition of your lawn and soil & will suggest you a road map to regain your lawn. This will involve a broad range of lawn care services & products.


If you are dealing with compactness of your lawn soil and want water, air and other essential lawn nutrients to reach grass roots, aeration in the Fall & Spring is the way to go. 


If you want your lawn to be thick and lush green, fertilization of the lawn is required.  We will treat your lawn with slow release fertilizer so that your lawn can make use of it for longer period of time.


Seeding/over-seeding is an essential part of our lawn care services to tightly pack your lawn. Whether it’s for patch management or overall turf management, we deploy seeds as per needed basis.


We also provide dethatching services if your lawn is suffering from a heavy thatch layer.

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